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Backloading Australia specialise in the backload transportation of household goods, furniture, vehicles, and personal belongings interstate. So if you’re planning an interstate move and require a reliable, personal and committed removalist with excellent contacts in the transportation industry we invite you to contact Backloading Australia. With over 25 years’ household moving experience you can be confident you’re choosing a reputable backload specialist offering exceptional service and a competitive price structure.

When it comes to the safe and reliable transportation of your car or vehicle interstate, you can rely on Backloading Australia to deliver.

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  • 2012.10.05 To backload or not to backload… If you’re planning an interstate move, there are many factors you should consider. Your first port of call is usually a moving or transportation company. And while reputation, reliability and competitive pricing   are all exceptional indicators of a well heeled business, there are other considerations you should take into account. Like can you backload your goods? Surprisingly very few people know about backloading, a term that has been around in the transportation industry for decades.

    When trucks transport goods interstate, many are delivering loads one way. Meaning once their cargo is delivered, you have an empty truck heading home to load for another run. Backloading is filling the otherwise empty truck with your household or personal goods, and transporting them to your new destination for considerably less than you would normally pay for a one-way move.
    Choosing to backload your possessions doesn’t mean you are settling for a less reliable, punctual or safe alternative. It is in fact a reputable business that is steadily gaining momentum in the transport and moving industry. And Backloading Australia has the connections and experience you need to be confident your goods will be transported to their destination safely and securely, resulting in a cost effective solution to your interstate move.

    We understand backloading may not be for everyone, but with the ever-rising costs of fuel, taxes and surcharges it can certainly help save you time and money. And you won’t jeopardise great service either - our friendly customer service representatives are industry specialists who will walk you through every aspect of your move and answer any questions you may have along the way.

    So wherever you’re moving within Australia we invite you to contact Backloading Australia for your furniture and household transportation needs.
  • 2012.10.05 Don’t sweat the small stuff Anyone that’s ever moved house will understand how stressful, expensive and time consuming it can be to pack every item you own both securely and efficiently. The furniture, as big and bulky as it is, is actually the easy part. So if you’ve decided to save yourself some expense and pack your own goods, we’ve put together some easy to follow steps that we hope will help you when you embark on your big move:

    1. We recommend you use professional packing boxes (rather than grocery or retail boxes) as they are built specifically for the job. They are hard wearing, tough, and are designed to be loaded freely onto a truck whereas many commercial and grocery boxes are made for transportation in bulk and are shrink-wrapped on a pallet.

    2. Never pack more than you can carry. If you can’t lift that huge box filled with hard-back novels then chances are neither can our movers. Try and keep your heavy item boxes to around: 40cm x 40cm x 30cm.

    3. Mark all your boxes with your name, contact number and destination address. Backloads often consist of multiple customer goods on the one freight and boxes can sometimes move around in transit.

    4. The maximum lift weight for packing boxes should be 25kg (around the weight of an average packed suitcase).

    5. When packing breakable items like china, photo frames, dishes, vases or glassware, be sure you have used ample cushioning between each piece, as well as either side. Clearly mark your box indicating the contents are ‘Fragile’ and to keep ‘This Side Up’. Our movers will do their very best to ensure your items are treated with respect and to your instruction but damage can and sometimes does happen in transit so it’s best to ensure you’re fully satisfied with your packing technique.
    6. Use packing paper rather than newspaper as it is thicker, sturdier and will not contaminate or leave ink traces on your goods.

    7. Seal your boxes on all edges with heavy-duty packing tape. This not only keeps the box tightly held together, but protects your contents from damp or moisture when travelling long distances through cold or humid climates.
    We hope you find this information useful, of course if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call on 1300 888 395 or visit our website www.backloadingaustralia.com.au